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The Resilient Pastor



How to remain effective and finish well in ministry.

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Paperback | 212 pages| Bruce Garner

Ministry is getting harder. Burnout, discouragement, and sinful collapses are destroying the lives of pastors and damaging churches. Relief won’t come from the culture: national surveys show that an alarming number of people are falling away from the faith or dismissing it as irrelevant. What are people in ministry supposed to do?

If the work won’t be easier, pastors must become more resilient.

Drawing on Scripture, timeless pastoral wisdom, the study of human resilience, and training developed for first responders, this book identifies the traits that make Christian workers resilient. It teaches them habits that will help them grow strong, peaceful, and joyful. Best of all, each reader will be left with a personalized plan to become more effective, enjoy ministry more, and finish their course well.

“I’m so excited that my wonderful Pastor wrote this much-needed book. He is a brilliant Bible teacher, is soaked in the fear of God, has a wonderful sense of humor, and a sanctified eloquence that regularly brings me to tears. If you want to do your own Pastor a great favor, give him this book as a gift. He will love you for it.” —Ray Comfort

Bruce Garner, D.Min., is the senior pastor of CrossPoint Church in Huntington Beach, California. Raised in Latin America in a missionary family, he has served as a missionary, pastor, conference speaker, and Bible college and seminary instructor. He is grateful to be the husband of Charise and the father of Ryan and Evan.

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