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The Exclusives MP4


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Seven downloadable films by Ray Comfort. Each film is a powerfully effective way to reach millions with the gospel—and it’s an effective way to equip Christians to reach the lost.

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Each new film is a powerfully effective way to reach millions with the gospel—and it’s an effective way to equip Christians to reach the lost.

If you want to know how to communicate the biblical gospel to a Jehovah’s Witness, or if you are tired of hearing about the wonder of nature with no mention of the nature of our wonderful Creator, you are going to thoroughly enjoy this illuminating series.

These digital downloads are perfect for youth or church group study—each film comes with its own exclusive study guide.

If you want to know the cause and cure to school shootings, learn everything about evolution, discover fascinating scientific facts in the Bible, how to master open air evangelism, or if you want to know the answers to the top ten excuses sinners give, you and your church will love “The Exclusives.”

1. God-Glorifying Science—Science as it Should be. The Giraffe and the Elephant (32 minutes)
2. Divine Justice and the Jehovah’s Witness (29 minutes)
3. Ten of the Top Scientific Facts in the Bible (28 minutes)
4. Forty Years of Open-Air Preaching – Everything I’ve learned (56 minutes)
5. School Shootings. The Cause and the Cure. (20 minutes)
6. The Top Ten Excuses Used by Sinners and How to Answer Them (53 minutes)
7. Answering Evolution (38 minutes)

Please note: These are the digital download files for “The Exclusives”. If you want the USB flash drive, or buy individual downloads, you can do so HERE.



“Thank you Ray for sharing the gospel all those years to all those people. Love watching your videos. It’s very inspirational. Thanks again brother. God Bless you.”
– Pedro


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