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Enjoy the ride with this hilarious Podcast as hosts Ray Comfort, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, Mark Spence, and Oscar Navarro and special guests explore the pressing questions of our day with sound theology and apologetics!

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The guys are giving away boxes of goodies! These boxes will contain things like gospel tracts, books, and a Living Waters Podcast mug. Each box will be customized by the hosts with their favorite resources. Four hosts, four free boxes (worth over $100), every episode!

All you have to do is enter to win. Winners will be announced during podcast episodes, so make sure you listen for your name.

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Ep. 264 – How to Grow in Godly Discernment

Developing godly discernment is crucial for believers to distinguish truth from falsehood. Humility, community, and a commitment to Scripture are essential for navigating the complexities of modern life with clarity and integrity.

Ep. 263 – Lessons From the Life of Elijah

Elijah displayed bold faith through confrontations with idol worship, showcasing God’s power. Elijah’s story underscores the enduring truth that a believer’s hope rests in God’s steadfast care, offering strength in times of trial.

Ep. 261 – The Downside of Virtual Reality

Addressing concerns about virtual reality and its potential to isolate users, the guys also recognize the potential for evangelism while emphasizing the importance of prioritizing human connection over digital experiences.

Ep. 260 – How to Kill Sin in Your Life

Sin is rebellion against God’s wisdom and seeing its deception and turning to Christ’s love are crucial for spiritual growth. The guys recognize that through repentance and surrender to God’s peace, believers find hope in...

Ep. 258 – How to Handle Emotional Pain

Emotional pain parallels physical suffering and requires compassion from Christians. The guys discuss how we find resilience and healing through faith, embracing gratitude while trusting in God’s provision and presence amid life’s trials.

Ep. 257 – Lessons From the Life of Judas

Judas remained blind to Jesus’ true significance, driven by greed and lacking genuine love. Examining Judas’ life, the guys highlight the importance of self-examination, repentance, and embracing the transformative power of Christ’s sacrificial love.

Ep. 256 – Lessons From the Life of Nehemiah

Nehemiah led the restoration of Jerusalem’s walls. Through prayer and action, he exemplified humility, perseverance, and trust in God’s sovereignty. Believers are urged to respond similarly in confronting adversity and advancing God’s kingdom.

Ep. 255 – Does the Bible Support Slavery

While contemporary perceptions of slavery evoke images of the brutal Atlantic slave trade, biblical context offers a different understanding, all while condemning oppression and emphasizing love and compassion for all individuals.

Ep. 254 – Lessons From the Life of King Josiah

A refreshing contrast to King Solomon, this episode focuses on Josiah and highlights his rediscovery of God’s law and complete repentance. Believers are urged to follow this king’s example, repenting of sin and turning to...

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