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Bullets rained down from rooftops, fires raged in the streets, and looters broke store windows to take what didn’t belong to them. Corey and Jen watched on television as their town was overtaken by the chaos.

“I couldn’t believe what became of our favorite date-night spot. We were there just the weekend before,” Jen said.

The COVID lockdown and BLM protests had turned the city into an enraged mob. Corey and Jen feared for their lives thinking this was the end of the world. With their marriage near its breaking point, they had no hope. As a child, Jen had mostly raised herself. When her dad became abusive during her teenage years and left her bloodied and bruised, she left home. Corey was singularly focused on his career and didn’t know how to love or lead his wife. “We were headed for divorce; I have no doubt about it,” says Corey.

Desperate for answers, Corey searched online for “end times.” He came across the Living Waters video “Noah and the Last Days.” He watched as Ray went through the Law and the gospel, he had never heard anything like it. He consumed all the Living Waters videos he could find. It changed their lives. Not only did they come to a saving faith, they no longer live in fear but in confident hope that God’s good plans will prevail.

“Our marriage has radically changed, too. Corey and I know what ‘two become one’ finally means. It’s changed everything! Corey used to not want kids, which was a big sticking point. But even that has changed!” Jen beams as she lovingly holds her baby bump.

Corey went on to share the gospel with his mom and dad who have also come to a saving faith and have joined Corey and Jen in their commitment to share the gospel. “We are like the four amigos, soon to be five!” Corey’s dad, Gilbert, says.

Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us today? Nearly every day we hear about how God is using partners like you to inspire and equip Christians all around the world to reach the lost.

While we celebrate what God has done, we recognize that many more need to hear the gospel. Which is why we need your support. As we head into 2023, so many live in fear and turn to false gods for answers. But, with your help, many more will one day join us in heaven!

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