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Federal and local governments have nearly shut down the entire country due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Here in California, social gatherings have been banned. Colleges and malls look like ghost towns. It would appear there is no way to fulfill the Great Commission during this time.

While we could have never predicted this, it is no surprise to God. By His grace, He has been building the Living Waters online presence for years. And thanks to our faithful partners’ financial support, thousands of videos, articles, and sermons are available online through our website and YouTube. In addition, our television program Way of the Master is available to watch and stream in every state in America and in every country around the world.

With so many people forced to stay home, we are expecting a large increase in online traffic in coming weeks. We are working on new videos, articles, books, tracts, and movies that we will be releasing soon—all of which will teach you how to be a better witness and help lead the lost to Christ.

I will soon be releasing a daily vlog called “Daily Comfort” on as well as on Facebook and other social media. Each video will contain a short teaching/encouragement, a verse promising God’s provision, and the occasional teaser for an upcoming colorful witnessing interview.

We have just released a video called “Pandemic.” When Tom Hanks and his wife tested positive for the Coronavirus, it put a face on the disease. Ironically, in his latest movie, in the midst of war his character asked God for protection from an unseen enemy. Little did he know as he and his wife casually walked the shores of the famed Bondi Beach in mid-March 2020 that in a matter of days another unseen enemy would try to take his life. You can watch it at

With people focused on the current disease, our new Coronavirus tract contains helpful tips on staying healthy and (of course) the gospel—the cure to a much greater disease. We’ve decided to give away 200,000 of these tracts free! (It will available early next week; you can sign up to be notified first on the store page.) My hope is that many will be inspired and many more will come to Christ through these various resources.

Each week we are also releasing a new episode of Way of the Master. This week’s episode tackles the topic of fatherless homes, and our good and perfect Father in Heaven.

Your financial support enables us to reach the lost through resources such as these. Thank you for standing with us. Fear, sin, uncertainty, and hopelessness seem to have ravaged our country. But we know that Jesus is still King. He sits on His throne and He has commanded us to proclaim the gospel to the lost. And that is what we will continue to do.

Please pray for Living Waters, our staff, and the resources being produced.

Please also continue to read, watch, and share our online resources. We have a unique opportunity to reach more people than ever. Consider picking up tracts in our store, including the free Coronavirus tract.

And lastly, please prayerfully consider partnering with us. Your financial gifts will help us to continue to reach millions around the world with the message of hope and everlasting life.

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