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Ep. 239 – Are Christians Supposed to Keep the Sabbath?

The guys explore the divisive topic of the Sabbath, highlighting Christ as the ultimate source of rest and encouraging a fostering of spiritual renewal and intentional rest for believers.

Show Notes

The Sabbath, a topic often fraught with division among different Christian denominations, is deeply examined by Ray, E.Z., Mark, and Oscar in this enlightening dialogue. At its core lies the Sabbath’s anchoring within the Ten Commandments, suggesting a divine imperative for humanity to partake in rest. Notably, the absence of the customary evening and morning language on the seventh day of creation hints at a perpetual state of rest in God’s presence, underscoring His desire to restore humanity to such tranquility.

An important question arises then: Why isn’t Saturday designated as the day of rest? The guys discuss how the New Testament illuminates a shift in the early church’s practice, aligning the Sabbath with Sunday to commemorate Christ’s resurrection. This transition underscores the non-moral and ceremonial essence of the Sabbath. Crucially, the guys remind listeners that observing the Sabbath isn’t about accruing divine favor but rather serves as an intentional reminder of the ultimate rest found in Christ.

The Sabbath is perceived as a divine gift, with a caution to listeners against leaning towards legalistic tendencies. Christ, the guys emphasize, stands as the quintessential source of rest, transcending mere ritualistic observances. While acknowledging Sundays as a day of rest, the discussion extends to underscore its dual significance: personal rejuvenation and the imperative of evangelism and spreading the gospel.

Acknowledging the diverse interpretations of the Sabbath, the discourse references Romans 14, emphasizing the liberty afforded to Christians and urging against judgment of those with differing views. Moreover, the discussion delves into the cyclical nature of rest, recognizing its role in staving off burnout and fostering reliance on God.

The conversation further explores the significance of rest, acknowledging the diverse ways people rejuvenate. A call for a reasoned approach to the Sabbath is advocated, warning against the perils of legalism and underscoring the divine essence of the gospel. Central to this discussion is the concept of entering God’s rest, made attainable through the completed work of Christ.

The speakers encourage believers to embrace their day of rest with purpose, cultivating a rhythm of repose conducive to continued service to the Lord and others. In essence, this dialogue serves as a poignant reminder of the Sabbath’s profound significance, urging believers to approach it with reverence and intentionality in their pursuit of spiritual renewal.


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