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Ep. 88 – How Important is Church Membership?

Are you rooted in a local, biblically-based gospel community? In today's episode, Ray and the guys discuss church membership and how it is crucial to all who love and follow Christ, perhaps more than most realize.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys talk about church membership. They speculate that churches who don’t hold importance to membership and being reactionary against certain movements make membership a badge of salvation. However, this is something that is not a light matter and is extremely important. The problem with not having traditional membership is that it creates confusion around who is and is not really part of the church alongside a convenient lack of accountability.

Official church membership will change based on the type of church you go to. Often, achieving membership will start with taking classes from a pastor or elder. Here, new members will learn about the church’s statement of faith. There is also often some sort of covenant. Regular attendance, accountability and the recognition that you are to submit yourself to the authorities of the church. Church accountability lets pastors know that the sheep are a part of his flock. When you become an official member of a church, you are entering into a gospel-centered covenant between God and the local church, which he calls us to. Because of the consumerist culture we live in today, however, it is difficult to allow that to happen naturally as He intended.

Functioning as part of the church is at the heart of membership. We were designed to be known and loved in the context of a local gospel community. We see this longing for community everywhere, though this urge will only ever be truly satisfied in a gospel setting. Covenant is not just about your commitment to individuals, but also about their commitment to you through discipleship. If you are a believer listening to today’s episode, the guys challenge you to really ask yourself how you are functioning as a member of the body of your church. When we are not doing the things which God has called us to do, we are hindering the body of christ.

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