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The Living Waters Podcast

Ep. 20 – How to Walk in Sexual Purity

Sexual immorality is one of the most ubiquitous and vicious struggles that Christians go through. Many believers feel hopelessly lost in an endless battle against pornography or other forms of lust. Fortunately, the Word of God offers wonderful, powerful hope for the penitent Christian burdened over this sin. Listen as the guys discuss this ever-important and relevant topic—it may enable you to finally be free from this enslaving sin.

Show Notes

In this episode of Living Waters, the hosts speak about how to walk in sexual purity and the battle of the mind. They begin by pointing out how sexual impurity has been present in our world since the Old Testament and has only grown in recent years with the accessibility of social media. They define sexual impurity as taking good gifts from the Lord and using them in ways that defile them. Because sexual impurity is such a prevalent stumbling block in our world, the hosts move on to discussing how to fight sexual impurity. First, it is essential to know that this is only a battle that the Lord can help us win. In order to put away the lusts of the flesh, we must instead put our focus on the Lord and pursue righteousness. They also encourage the use of accountability by surrounding yourself with other Christ seeking believers. Another way to fight sexual impurity is through having a holy fear of the Lord, which includes having a full view of what sin does and how it leads to death. On the other hand, the Lord offers us life and joy through Jesus, and He is the one who can truly fulfill us and lead our hearts in life and peace.

The hosts then speak directly to those who have struggled with sexual impurity and may have feelings of condemnation and think they can’t be forgiven. They remind the listeners that God is a God of love, and Jesus died on the cross to bring us forgiveness. When we come to him in true heart changing repentance, he moves us from shame and guilt into everlasting joy and forgiveness. God can redeem any past and free his children from any bondage of sin. They close by encouraging the listeners to seek the Lord and his righteousness and to walk in sexual purity.

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