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Ep. 24 – How to Abound in Forgiveness

Forgiveness is at the heart of the gospel and is a defining characteristic of every believer. The guys tackle the topic of forgiveness and speculate on the unwillingness to forgive addressing the fact If we don’t forgive, we will not be forgiven.

Show Notes

On today’s episode, the guys tackle the topic of forgiveness. They speculate that unwillingness to forgive arises from us thinking of ourselves as mini gods. However, we should each remember that we are not gods, but sinners among sinners. God commands us to be in a perpetual state of forgiveness. If we don’t forgive, we will not be forgiven. In the end, God is the justifier of sin, so we are released from carrying out justice. Forgiveness is to not hold someone in a place where they are in debt to you for their actions. Forgiveness is not reconciliation or lack of consequence. We can move forward with God’s help, though we still may carry a scar with us.

Acknowledging the heaviness of sin is the first stage of forgiveness. The way to true forgiveness is remembering how Christ has forgiven us. Unforgiveness is a hypocritical act detested by the Lord. Many people struggle with small, daily sins just as much as the big ones. Forgiveness is at the heart of the gospel and is to be a defining characteristic of every believer. Unforgiveness can turn to bitterness where we can’t receive a blessing from God. In closing, it is reiterated that we are a byproduct of the gospel. When we keep an eye on the cross, we can experience the freedom of willing ourselves to forgiveness.

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