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Ep. 210 – Examining What Compels People to Murder

Exploring the seeds of violence rooted within fallen humanity, Ray Comfort and the guys grapple with the haunting implications of murder and Jesus' words in Matthew 5 on love, hatred, and judgement.

Show Notes

Embark on a spiritual exploration with Ray, E.Z., Mark, and Oscar of the violence deeply ingrained in the human heart, the grace that unfolds amidst this violence, and the transformative power that lies within that dichotomy.

Today’s conversation begins with an examination of the roots of violence within fallen humanity, discussing the haunting implications of Matthew 5:21-22 on love, judgment, and self-righteousness. These verses underscore the severity of anger and contempt, serving as a stark reminder of the urgency of protecting our hearts from the seeds of violence. It is important to be aware of the potential harm that unchecked anger can cause, and how the journey towards spiritual growth often begins with a confrontation of our inner demons.

Many people point to murder as the worst sin, assuring themselves of their own goodness by saying, “At least I haven’t killed anyone.” However, as Mark points out, many of them have no problem with the issue of abortion. The shocking statistic that one in four women in America have had an abortion is confronted, putting a human face to the contentious debate. The guys also express their dismay over a chilling story of a teenager murdering his own mother. When confronted with his crime, the young man showed no remorse for what he had done but instead seemed more concerned with the effect this would have on his own future.

Oscar also recounts his experience speaking with a war veteran who admitted that he was wracked with guilt over lives he had taken in battle, including the life of a child. Though he was lauded as a hero after coming home, his conscience continued to be plagued by the moral Law written on his heart.

Throughout this journey, solace can be found in the story of Apostle Paul and the transformative power of grace. His transformation from a persecutor of Christians to one of the most influential apostles serves as a beacon of hope, a testament to the spiritual vitality of the Law, and how Jesus breathes life into it. This narrative serves as a reminder that grace, even in the face of our darkest sins, remains our only hope.

This exploration through this upside-down kingdom of grace and violence reveals a multitude of struggles and victories. It is a sobering reminder of the violence lurking within our hearts, but also a hopeful testament to the transformative power of grace. Listeners are invited to join in this ongoing journey of introspection, repentance, and transformation.

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