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The Living Waters Podcast

Ep. 215 – Exploring the Human Conscience

In an intriguing discussion of the complexities of the human conscience, the guys share valuable insights on the teachings of Christ and how faith can transform perceptions of morality.

Show Notes

Have you ever found yourself contemplating the role of your conscience in guiding moral decisions? The human conscience is a fascinating and complex aspect of cognition, and it’s precisely what Ray, E.Z., Mark, and Oscar delve into in today’s podcast episode. They shed light on the complexities of the human conscience, discussing its potential to lead us astray if not appropriately directed and how faith, specifically the teachings of Christ, can cleanse and guide our conscience.

As the guys embark on this exploration, they delve into a comparison of the conscience of a non-believer and that of a believer. This comparison reveals the transformative power of faith that alters one’s perception of morality. Believers, having received a new heart and spirit, have a conscience that is no longer hostile to God’s will. Through the sanctification process, God reveals His will for us and we can respond with repentance and joy.

Looking further into the human conscience, the guys delve into the realm of silence. Often overlooked, silence plays a significant role in our lives, particularly in influencing the conscience. In their discussion, the guys compare the conscience to a warning system similar to the pain sensors in the human body which alert the individual of a problem. In the same way, each person’s conscience is an invaluable tool which should not be ignored because it informs us of right and wrong.

As the episode winds down, the guys share valuable insights on living harmoniously with your own conscience while remaining sympathetic to the sensitivities of others in matters of conscience. Drawing from Paul’s teachings, the guys emphasize the importance of respecting others’ perspectives and being patient with young believers. These insights aim to help listeners better understand their own conscience while guiding it effectively with the teachings of Christ.

Overall, this episode is an enlightening journey that encourages reflection on the complexities of the human conscience and the transformative power of faith. Whether you’re seeking a deeper understanding of faith, interested in the psychology of conscience, or simply looking for a podcast episode that combines profound reflections with light-hearted banter, this episode is a must-listen.

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