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Ep. 230 – The Fall of Man

Join the guys as they dive into Genesis, exploring the moment the world was forever changed and how God’s goodness becomes even clearer in light of man’s sin.

Show Notes

The Genesis narrative unfolds with the creation of the universe through God’s commanding voice, juxtaposed with the intimate crafting of Adam. The introduction of the serpent and the subsequent fall of Adam and Eve mark humanity’s transition from bliss to hardship. Ray, E.Z., Mark, and Oscar unravel the profound concept of being created in God’s image and how it defines our uniqueness, portraying minuscule individuals bearing God’s relational, volitional, intellectual, creative, and moral characteristics.

Amidst societal claims that reduce people to mere apes, Scripture asserts our uniqueness, emphasizing God’s personal touch in our creation. Despite this apparent greatness, the comparison to God humbles us. Adam, the first man, was designed for a relationship with God, but his disobedience marred the image-bearing connection, transmitting a sinful nature to all descendants. While humanity remains image bearers, the Fall necessitates bridging the gap between mankind and God.

The guys tackle the tricky topic of depravity, and touch on how it manifests as humanity’s complete infection by sin, rendering us incapable of inherently good deeds. Man’s good acts, without faith, are likened to filthy rags. Despite the possibility of moral actions, our core is sinful, emphasizing the need for redemption. Genesis 6 illustrates humanity’s deepening depravity, echoed throughout the Bible.

Sin, an outflow of man’s fallen state, is revealed through God’s moral standards, acting as a mirror reflecting our true nature. Our violation of God’s nature, as image bearers, underlines the depravity of man. The guys discuss how realizing our own sin amplifies God’s mercy and love, highlighting the connection between our fallen nature and divine grace.

Culture suggests self-discovery by stripping away what we think we know about ourselves. Christianity, however, contends that the removal of sin requires looking to the Lord rather than inward. Sin is difficult to detect within oneself, but the Law provides an objective view of our own nature. As believers, having Jesus as a guide and protector is a privilege which is often overlooked.

Salvation transforms individuals into new creatures, instigating a shift in affections and aversions. Christians, once in love with sinful pursuits, now embrace the fruit of the Spirit—a visible outcome of God’s transformative work. Despite never seeing or hearing God directly, love for Him stems from His initial love. The indescribable gift of redemption and transformation underscores the profound nature of salvation.

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