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Ep. 102 – The False Teachings of the Catholic Church

Catholics and Christians do have many things in common, but the differences cannot be overlooked. In today's episode, the guys discuss Catholicism in order to speak the truth in love about an institution which has serious harmful teachings.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss Catholicism. To begin, they reiterate that they are in no way trying to talk down to Catholic people, but rather are speaking the truth and being honest about a religious institution which they believe has serious harmful teachings. Catholics and Christians do have things in common, such as believing in the existence of God and the person of Jesus Christ, but the glaring differences can not be overlooked.

While Christians believe we are saved by grace and not ourselves, Catholics believe that we are saved by grace and by our actions. When we say that we were saved by grace, we are saying that we as individuals had nothing to do with it and we can not upkeep out salvation. There is no need for Christians to worry about losing our salvation after a sinful action. It is by our faith alone that we receive the gift of justification.

While it is possible for a person to be saved and be part of the Catholic church, the guys believe it would have to be despite the official teachings of the Catholic church. It is in response to the grace that has been given to us by God that we may pursue righteousness, not out of fear of condemnation or eternal hell and punishment. Even if you have everything else sorted out, if you don’t have salvation right, then you won’t have eternal life. When it comes to eternal life, the Scripture should serve as our guideline, and all traditions of man should fall to the wayside. Today, all we have to do is look upon the curse of Jesus on the cross and live. We do not look to the Pope, the sacraments or to tradition, but to Jesus alone. Before wrapping up, the conversation shifts to discussing the idolatry common within the Catholic church.  In closing, we are reminded that our debts were paid by Jesus on the cross in perfect righteousness. Repent, place your faith in Him and let Him set you free!

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