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Ep. 169 – Finding Calm Amid the Busyness of Life

In today’s world we have traded restfulness for busyness, and swapped relationship for distraction. Today the guys discuss the increasingly hectic nature of our lives and how God has called us to restfulness in Him.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss finding calm in the midst of busyness. In our culture, we ask one another how we are doing, but we answer now with what we are doing. Busyness is almost a barometer for how important or successful you are. There is a healthy type of busyness, but the wrong type of busy makes you lose your composure and mix up your priorities in life. Jesus was busy, but never in a way that made Him frantic about lesser things. There is also an unspoken fear of what we may find when we slow down, so people keep themselves busy instead. This ultimately points to the fact that nothing apart from God can satisfy our desires. We need to be careful not to be so busy that we don’t focus on what truly matters: time with the Lord, our family, and our friends.

Next, the guys talk about limitations, and how we need to be okay with having them. We need to recognize that we are by nature limited and that limitation is good and be able to say that we don’t have the capacity to do something. Learning to say “no” is a relief and something we need to get back into the habit of practicing. We can also ask those that are closest to tell us if we have become busy in the wrong way. We need to keep the main thing the main thing—which is relationships with people. Our phone is one major distraction that keeps our mind relentlessly busy and often make us feel that we need something, while the only thing we truly need is time with Jesus. The solution is to focus on where our attention lies because that reflects our heart’s devotion. If you want to know what you’re devoted to, pay attention to what you pay attention to.

Lastly, they talk about the way we view restfulness, which should be a gospel view and not a cultural one. Our world views rest as something that is needed so we can be a more effective worker, but God Himself rested on the seventh day after He created the world. He didn’t rest because He needed to be a more effective God, restfulness is a part of the beauty of God. Restfulness in our lives is to connect with the glory, goodness, and beauty of who God is. The purpose of rest is not to make us more effective, but it is intrinsic to being human. To not rest is to not be human. The byproduct of rest is refreshment, rejuvenation, and the fruits of the Spirit, like joy and peace. These are things that we miss when we allow ourselves to be busy in the wrong way, and that is not how the Lord called us to live.

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