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Ep. 55 – Hermeneutics—How to Properly Interpret the Bible

Let's face it, reading the Bible can be daunting. Today the guys help break down how, with Christ as a foundation, to study Scripture's historical context, cultural and lingual nuances, and varying types of literature so that you can, as 2 Timothy says, "rightly divide the Word."

Show Notes

The most simple definition for the word hermeneutics is the art of interpretation, which is the practice of understanding God’s word for yourself and communicating His word to others in a manner that honors what He means to say. 2 Timothy 2:15 says “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word.” Hermeneutics is not just something our pastors should do. As Christians, we all need to be men and women of the Word. We need not be afraid of the complexities of the word, because the Holy Spirit shall teach us all things.

The best way to understand the word is by reading it continuously and avoid singling out just one verse. Good hermeneutics is recognizing, through all struggles, with a foundation in Christ you can persevere for all that lies before you. False religions all come back to improper interpretation of the Word. It is important for us believers to remember that the Bible was not written to us, but rather for us. The guys offer advice for listeners to better understand the Bible. First, start with a literal, face value meaning, then consider the historical setting and culture, customs and traditions. Next, take a deeper look at the grammar within which a word or phrase is found. Finally, synthesize how the passage compares with other parts of the Scripture to form a bigger meaning. The final action is the application of what we have read. We must bridge the gap between the original author’s context and our own context today to illuminate the Word.

The Bible consists of various types of literature, so it is important that we differentiate the techniques being used to understand the message of a passage. For new believers, the guys stress that many of these things are learned much later on in the progression of one’s faith. Rather than feeling condemned, we are all urged to press on in greater depths to understand the Scripture as deeply as we can. The more understanding we gain, the more your soul will feel lifted.

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