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Ep. 15 – How Can Christians Overcome Peer Pressure?

Peer pressure isn't just about our kids being tempted by their friends; we all, at all ages, are influenced by those around us. God made us for community, which means we can't help but be shaped by those with whom we spend most of our time. Listen as the guys talk about the importance of accepting this reality and discuss how to shape our sphere of influence in a way that is most glorifying to God.

Show Notes

Today’s episode focuses on peer pressure and the idea that “everyone’s doing it.” Being influenced by your peers is not part of the fall but rather part of the design. We were made for community, to know God and repent in community. When we get saved sometimes we lose the community we had before, it’s important to remember you’re not alone, God is with you.

When we reach out to former friends who are nonbelievers to let them know of our salvation we can be met with confusion and pushback. Becoming a Christian can free you from the need to receive validation from friends of the world. In the Bible, Peter reminds us we have spent enough time doing the will of the gentiles – or succumbing to peer pressure. When you are saved, you’re not joining a social club, you’re being regenerated in the image of God.

Early Christians did not hold back community or discipleship from nonbelievers. Today’s Christians should be opening nonbelievers to their community to show a witness with their day to day lives. This is an example of positive influence on your community and it’s important to remember that peer pressure and influence is not a childhood problem. Mob mentality, influence, and peer pressure are parts of our lives for as long as we live. Being close to Jesus means we as our attraction to him grows our interest in the world wanes.

Thanks for listening and see you next time!

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