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Ep. 245 – How Christians Can Use the Internet to Share the Gospel

Digital evangelism opens opportunities to share the gospel. Social media can be a powerful tool, but believers must be cautious of identity shifts and sinful attitudes. God's Word, shared with creativity and obedience, can impact countless lives.

Show Notes

In his lifetime, the apostle Paul likely reached thousands of people. Ray, E.Z., Mark, and Oscar discuss how in today’s age, one video can come across the screens of millions of people. Imagine how many people Paul could have reached if he had been able to access the internet.

Digital evangelism can take many forms: posting Bible passages on Facebook, uploading YouTube videos, or posting a podcast. Each like, share, and comment is one more person that may hear the gospel. Even when dealing with negative comments, believers can engage in conversations that share Christ with the world.

However, not everyone should pursue social media evangelism in this way. The feedback from society can easily sway someone when their identity is placed somewhere other than in Christ. Social media can draw out the worst in us. Oscar shares about a pastor who changed his outward presentation because engagement went up when he used strong rhetoric. Our souls are not meant for fame, so when we have an audience it can shape us in a way that is not beneficial. When we hand our souls over to audience capture, we are conforming to society rather than conforming to Christ.

As a Christian, if you aren’t evangelizing privately, you may need to reflect before you evangelize publicly. The guys recognize that in the midst of sharing the gospel, believers may be holding a sinful attitude. Motive does come to play in this. Sometimes we get this idea that the only way to share the gospel is to be a missionary, but Christians should share the gospel with the people around them, not just those in another country.

So how does one start sharing the gospel on social media? If you are bold, you can simply go ask people if you can interview them for YouTube. You may receive a lot of no’s, but just have open and honest conversations with those who say yes. Editing videos can be done using simple software like iMovie. Even memes can be used to reach people with the gospel. The Word of God is living and powerful, even simple messages can be evangelism tools. Podcasts are another way to reach people. At the start, the guys didn’t know what the result of starting a podcast would be and now it’s a means of reaching believers and unbelievers with the gospel.

Remember that God’s Word doesn’t return void. Share scripture, gospel videos, sermons, and ask people what their thoughts are. There’s so much you can do, but the bottom line is that when your heart is set on obeying the Lord, God will give you creativity as you take steps to follow His call.

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