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Ep. 137 – How to Cultivate Healthy Friendship, Fellowship, and Accountability

In today’s episode Ray Comfort and the guys discuss friendship, community, and discipleship, and look at how relationship can also be a vital part of sharing the gospel with unsaved friends.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss how to cultivate healthy fellowship, friendship, and accountability. Many of us, when we come to Christ, believe that all our non-believer friends won’t stick with us. This is part of the price of discipleship. There is, however, something steeped in a gospel community which non-believer friendships can never recreate. In a world where people are constantly trying to create community in every realm, most people are so starved of the sanctifying processes of lifelong friendships centered around the gospel.

If you want friends, you first have to be friendly and reach out to others yourself. We are reminded that Jesus referred to his disciples as his friends, even Judas. Friendship includes a closeness in which two people are intimate and open with each other. True discipleship, historically, consists of spending time on a regular, continual basis with someone who is older and wiser than yourself. Sometimes, people’s experience at church can morph into a facade. However, individuals are encouraged to gain understanding of the true value of fellowship and seek it out on their own. This enables them to move out of facade and into authentic behavior, which in turn helps to cultivate authentic relationships. We should keep in mind that there are things which God wants for our lives, even if we don’t think we want them. It all comes down to being—or becoming—the kind of person that will cause people to gravitate towards you.

There is a difference between godly friendships and friendships with non-believers for the sake of the gospel. Love wants to meet the greatest needs, and the greatest need for anyone unsaved is the gospel. We must make ourselves available during regular day-to-day interactions with our non-Christian acquaintances and neighbors, or they will likely never know that our door is always open when they are in need. A hallmark of fellowship is the willingness to live your lives side-by-side in good times and bad. Finally, we are reminded that true Christian fellowship includes openness and accountability on both sides.

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