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Ep. 201 – How to Fight and Win Against the War on Men

Intrigued by biblical masculinity and the gospel's essential role in manhood discussions? Special guest Owen Strachan brings a thought-provoking depth to today’s conversation and helps navigate societal views on masculinity.

Show Notes

Today’s episode navigates the complex world of biblical manhood and masculinity. Beginning with a humorous tale about In-N-Out vouchers, the guys illustrate how good intentions can sometimes take unexpected turns, especially when cultural differences come into play. However, the episode’s humor doesn’t overshadow the critical discussion on societal views on masculinity, with the guys speaking with special guest Owen Strachan at the G3 2023 National Conference.

The conversation tackles misconceptions surrounding biblical masculinity, a subject that has been largely misconstrued in society today. The guys delve into how societal expectations and stereotypes have distorted the concept of masculinity, referencing popular culture, including song lyrics and TikTok videos, to illustrate these misconceptions.

The discussion also touches on Jordan Peterson’s call for men to be “dangerous,” comparing this with the biblical representation of manhood and of Jesus Christ. The vital role that Christ plays in defining manhood is underlined, and emphasis is placed on the importance of including the gospel in conversations about masculinity.

The guys further explore the journey from boyhood to manhood with Owen, focusing on the role of parents in guiding their sons through this transformation. They touch on the concept of exaggerated manhood and how it contradicts the principles of biblical masculinity and emphasize the importance of parents modeling Christian behavior for their children as well as the significant impact of small victories on a young boy’s journey.

The conversation concludes with an examination of the church’s role in this journey. The church’s function is to be a biblical worldview training center, as well as serving as a “field hospital” for boys and young men who lack father figures. The guys reveal resources for further exploration to equip parents and mentors with the necessary tools to positively influence young boys, and congratulate Owen on the release of his new book, The War on Men.

This podcast episode serves as a guide to understanding and navigating the complexities of biblical manhood and masculinity. It challenges societal stereotypes and calls for a redefinition of masculinity, offering a fresh perspective on the subject. Whether you’re a parent, a mentor, or someone interested in understanding biblical masculinity, this episode is a valuable resource.

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