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The Living Waters Podcast

Ep. 123 – How to Witness to Family & Close Friends

Often, the people closest to us are the most challenging to share the gospel with. Today the guys discuss how we can effectively reach out to family and close friends with the Good News.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss how we can witness to our family and close friends. Often, the people closest to us are the most challenging to share the gospel with. When new believers want to begin sharing the gospel, they should not begin by focusing on the sins of others, but rather by repenting for their own sins first. It is by owning up to our own sins that we are best able to proclaim the gospel to others. Doing this takes a great deal of humility. However, when we finally come to know the Lord and are transformed by Him, we get excited to forgive other people and be forgiven ourselves.

Before making the effort to reach our family and friends, we should first examine ourselves and our own contrition. This can be used as a springboard to show others that every single sin from every single person can be forgiven in the eyes of God. In addition to an apology, it is always necessary to ask the other person for their forgiveness. A large barrier when it comes to witnessing to our own family members is their knowledge of the person you might have been in the past. Another hurdle is the fear that they may write you off completely. We should remember to put our trust in the Lord and take risks for the sake of the gospel. It is absolutely key to approach everyone, even nonbelievers, with kindness and gentleness.

When we really love someone, we are motivated to demonstrate that love in continuous outreach and thoughtfulness. When we live the Christ-like life, the term “witness” is not just a verb, but is also a noun. When your actions don’t align with the things you are preaching and how you are living yourself, the disconnect is obvious. Asking for prayers for those we love who are unsaved is another way we can witness to others. Prayer is the means by which God moves His hands. When the time comes to finally speak the gospel, sharing testimony is invaluable. Remember that nothing can get in the way of expressing genuine love and sincerity. We have a unique opportunity with the internet to reconnect with people from our past and offer the gospel. Finally, we are urged to be charged by our praise for God.

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