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Ep. 118 – Is the Trinity Biblical?

The word “Trinity” was never actually used in the Bible, but trinitarian language is used all throughout. Today the guys discuss the triune nature of God, and how we can seek to know and glorify Him by gaining a better understanding of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss the Trinity. Part of knowing God is knowing the Trinity. People often think of the Trinity as a box to check rather than diving into learning about the details of it. Part of becoming a Christian is knowing the beauty, goodness, and glory of God. We can do this when we know God as the trinitarian He is. It can be easy to get caught up in knowing every detail about the Trinity, but we must remember that to truly love God is simply to gaze upon His beauty. An accurate view of the God as Trinity is the foundation upon which we can worship each of the 3 persons of the Godhead. To worship God correctly is to worship who He is exactly.

The Trinity is not an easy concept to wrap our minds around, but we must yield to Scripture rather than to what we feel. James White shares that the Trinity is found in the gutter of the Bible, right between the Old and New Testament. In this section, people experienced the power of the Holy Spirit and were steeped in trinitarian doctrine. The distinct word “Trinity” was never actually used in the Bible, but trinitarian language is used all throughout. Though Scripture states that there is only one God, it also refers to three distinctly different persons that are called God. There is one divine nature and substance of God, but 3 divine persons who form this interrelated God.

It has been said that you can only trust someone as much as you truly know them. When we intermix all of the different attributes displayed by God, we begin to form a clear picture of who He is. If we are going to make any pursuit in life, why not make it to know God better? The Trinity is something we need to deal with regularly to really know Him. Modalism, the doctrine that God is a person who manifests Himself in 3 different ways, is the biggest misconception of the Trinity. It is crucial to understand that Jesus is not half human, half divine. Since there is nothing quite like the Trinity, it can be difficult to explain. In closing, listeners are urged to examine the Scripture and be committed to it.

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