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Ep. 140 – Lessons from the Life of Noah

As imperfect people, we can garner hope from stories like that of Noah who, despite his own failings, was used by God in an unimaginable way. Listen as the guys discuss this familiar story to uncover biblical wisdom for our own lives.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys kick off their mini-series of character studies by discussing the life of Noah. Before diving into today’s character study, we are reminded that God has given us these stories through His Word so that we may find hope and comfort in them. Noah was the first-born son of Lamech, who represents the 10th generation of man on the earth. At age 480, God commanded Noah to build an ark. As we look through the Scriptures, it becomes apparent that God sovereignly chooses who He chooses despite who they are. Noah had the grace of God which he did not personally deserve, merit, or earn. However, amid the mocking of his people, Noah responded to God’s command and followed through. He leveraged his entire life on an unforeseen promise of God that the flood was going to come.

In the story of Noah comes the lesson that we too need to be quick to respond when God speaks. Because God’s law is the byproduct of His nature, the law of God has been written on man’s heart as we are all made in His image. Noah is a foreshadow of what is to come. We are to proclaim the righteousness of Christ and herald His name as far as we can for people to get right. Eventually, a day of reckoning will come. In fact, all the characters we will be discussing in this series are a foreshadowing of Jesus Christ. Like Jesus, Noah faithfully responds to God’s call in the face of persecution and builds a ship out of wood and nails to be rescued from judgment. Ultimately, Jesus was the better Noah because Noah was, at the end of his life, found drunk and naked and cursing his own son without offering forgiveness. Jesus was stripped naked, drank from the cursed cup, and prayed for our forgiveness so that we too may be sons of God. We are reminded that we should all move throughout our lives in Godly fear, recognizing just how close we are to standing in front of the Lord and giving account for our lives. In a world which is growing darker, Christians have the ability to extort the text to get people to respond in faith to the righteous call of God until Christ eventually comes back to reign. To those who God may use them mightily, the guys offer closing advice. We continually will have war and struggle, yet God will continually be faithful even when we are faithless in order to complete His mission.

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