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Ep. 142 – Lessons from the Life of Joseph

Why did Joseph in the Old Testament have to go through so much hardship, and where was God in the midst of it? Listen as Ray Comfort and the guys discover that God’s sovereign plan was bigger and better than we could have imagined.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss the lessons to be learned from the life of Joseph, one of the most influential characters of the Old Testament. We are reminded that God intended for us to learn lessons from these stories and give us hope through His Word. In Genesis 37:3, we are told that Jacob loved Joseph more than any of his other sons because he had been born to him in his old age. This offended Joseph’s brothers and the rainbow tunic Jacob made for him only made his brothers resent him even more. The guys discuss the role of favoritism in families and the many responsibilities and expectations which tend to fall on the sons. The hatred of Joseph’s brothers took them so far as throwing him in a pit and nearly killing him for revenge. Jealousy of man, they reveal, is complete insanity. It is important to distinguish the jealousy of man vs. the jealousy of God. When God is jealous on our behalf, it is for our good and protection. The root of man’s jealousy is selfishness and the inability to rejoice for others. This is often birthed out of being discontented in who God has made us and what He has allotted for our lives.

Joseph’s story is not dissimilar to the story of Adam in the garden. As Adam was given stewardship over the garden and everything in it but one tree, Joseph was given stewardship over the entirety of Potter’s property except for his wife. Though Adam was tempted and fell, Joseph resisted the temptation. Through Joseph’s faithfulness, God provided a way of saving the land from famine. The story of the Bible is not a collection of individual stories, but rather one sovereign story of God sovereignly saving a people for His glory. Genesis 50:20-21 and Genesis 45:5 are the two verses which help us fully understand the story of Joseph. These verses show Joseph’s belief that God was intimately involved in everything that happened to him. He understood that he had no right to vengeance because he was not God.

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