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Ep. 18 – Our Heavenly Hope

How does our hope in Heaven impact the way we live today? The guys talk about living life with Heaven in sight. E.Z. opens up about his mom passing away, Mark quotes C.S. Lewis, Oscar talks about an evangelism moment with a Greenpeace representative, and we all find out that Ray grew up with Thomas Watson!

Show Notes

On today’s episode, the guys are back to discuss heaven and the hope of heaven in the midst of a perverse world we live in. As the conversation kicks off, they unpack some of the misconceptions people have about heaven. Many of these ideas come from medieval literature and art which depicts heaven as a far away place of leisure in the clouds. However, heaven is ultimately a renewed earth in which God has made right what humans have made wrong. Then, they each share some of their individual images of heaven as children. When we understand the end result of God’s plan, we are compelled to action. The hope of heaven is so important in the world we live in, where everything else is temporal. As Christians, we become more and more homesick with a home we have never been to. This hope is the ultimate consultation to carry us through until we reach Him at our final destination. In addition, Christ promised to prepare a place in which he will receive us back to himself. He urges us to set our minds on the things above, rather than be earthy minded.

Heaven is a place where Christ dwells, and therefore it is enough. You can’t divorce one from the other, because his presence makes heaven. As the discussion draws to a close, we are urged to remember the hope of heaven and a new earth.

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