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Ep. 160 – Regularly Remembering to Redeem the Time

Time is the most precious and important resource that we have, and yet we often find ourselves wasting it. Today the guys discuss using our time wisely as we seek the glory of God.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss the importance of time. To begin, listeners are reminded that time is the most precious resource of all, and wasting time has ramifications. This is why waking up early and being intentional with your time is very important. The New Testament speaks volumes to this idea. The early church has been accused of spending too much time together, as they would gather in the morning and stay together all night long. This is a prime example of not being bound by time. Although punctuality is part of being courtesy, it doesn’t hurt to remove some of the parameters surrounding time in an organized way.

We all have a problem with how we organize our time. For example, where young people spend more time sleeping in, older people tend to waste time on media cycles or sitting around the house after retirement. We are only redeeming our time when our minds and hearts are focused on the glory of God. This could be done in the process of education, in fellowship or through restfulness. God gave us restfulness as a gift and something intrinsic in what it means to be human. Where we put our attention is ultimately how we redeem our time and what we become in the long run. As Chirsitans, we should integrate the Lord in every area of our lives.

Jesus did meet every need. He left one town to preach to another, left people in line waiting to be healed, hid away to pray and got tired. He spent 30 years in training and just 3 years in ministry. He did not try to do it all and yet he did everything God asked Him to do. Grind culture is not meeting the glory of God as God wants us to also be creatures of rest and thoughtfulness. The way we should redeem our time is not by being as efficient as possible, but by glorifying God. Listeners are reminded that everything we do in this life that is not chasing the Lord is transient. We should also walk in wisdom towards non-believers and share the gospel to reach the lost. Discipleship requires a great deal of time and investment.

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