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Ep.39 – Satan, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare

Today, the guys tackle the topic of Satan, demons, and spiritual warfare. Unfortunately today people either take this issue far too seriously or not seriously enough, so we must look to the scriptures to understand God's truth.

Show Notes

On today’s episode, the guys tackle the topic of Satan, demons, spiritual warfare and more. It is a subject the world mocks, but yet the world is being mocked by Satan himself. In fact, Satan’s biggest tactic is making people doubt his existence. The problem today is that people either take the issue of spiritual warfare far too seriously or not seriously enough. Modern rationalism encourages us to forget about our spirituality. We have to look to the scriptures to understand what God meant by spiritual warfare.

Though it’s not possible for a Christian to be possessed, we certainly can be oppressed when we give in to temptations. God will correct us because he loves us. Satan’s demonic forces tempt us to sin and oppose our efforts to obey God. Demonic oppression is when a demon is temporarily victorious over a Christian, hindering his ability to serve God with a strong testimony. Confession and repentance of sin are necessary to restore fellowship with God.

We can not be ignorant of Satan’s schemes which desire to devour us. Satan is real and he is very powerful. Listen as Ray touches on some of the schemes Satan has tempted him with. He reveals that you are never as much on the front lines of warfare as you are when involved in evangelism. This can come in the form of discouragement, tiredness or random depression. You must put on your shield of faith like Jesus did. The devil tries to steal from us in evil, deceptive and sinister ways.

For the believer who truly wants to be used by God to the greatest extent, we need to start with honesty. Satan is the father of lies and God is the compass of truth, so it would do us well to be honest in every part of our lives. Similarly, help is a beautiful prayer to God. It’s important to remember that demons can’t ultimately stop people from coming to Christ. God’s word is the ultimate shield of faith and we can cleanse ourselves by reading the Word. Even if we can;t remember it word for word, the scripture continually refreshes and waters up so that we can discern truth from error. Resisting the devil and seeking the Lord is an ongoing battle.

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