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Ep. 83 – What’s Behind Self-Harm and Suicide?

Today the guys look at the serious issue of self-harm and suicide, offering hope and support through the sharing of biblical wisdom as well as their own experiences, and highlighting available counceling resources.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys explore what is behind self harm and suicide. It is their sincere hope to provide helpful answers and hope for listeners who may be struggling. Before diving in, they highlight the free resource Biblical Counseling. What often leads a person to self harm or even to suicide are painful, difficult circumstances they find themselves in. Each of our hosts share about their own personal seasons of difficulty and painful experiences. As Christians, we lose sight of the point and purpose of the trials and tribulations of life and that God is going to do whatever He needs to do to bring glory towards His name. However, down that road less traveled, there is beauty to be found. The reality is that when you become a Christian, you are signing up for trials, tribulations, persecution, temptation and suffering, but your name is written in Heaven. God always knows the things we need to know and the lessons we need to learn in order for Him to make us into who He wants us to be. The promise of the gospel is not that we will have a good life, but that Jesus will help us through life.

Rather than asking someone who is suffering why they have not yet moved on, we should reframe the question to ask how they are moving forward. Statistically, 17% of people will self harm during their lifetime. This is most common among girls, especially during the time they first become aware of sexuality, body image, and the opinions of others. On the other hand, 45,000 Americans die by suicide every year. A major reason for this is that so many people are living their lives in absolute futility without purpose, reason or the knowledge of right and wrong. The modern narrative of expressive individualism goes against the promise of the Gospel, which is that there is no need to define ourselves because we have already been defined by God. The Scripture offers stories about individuals who at one point no longer wanted to live, but later reaped the benefits of their suffering. God urges us to let go into His hands and allow Him to finish our story. As long as we are still alive, He is not finished with us.

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