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Ep. 116 – Tips for Healthy Communication

Communication is a vital aspect of daily life, but it can also be difficult. So, in today's episode the guys sit down and talk about... talking! Listen as they share biblical wisdom, perspectives, and tips for clear and godly communication.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss tips for healthy communication. To begin, they each share the areas in which they find communication most difficult. When it comes to disagreements, it is most important that we exercise understanding in the perspective of the other person. Without understanding each other, it’s nearly impossible to ever find a middle ground.  We should also always strive to convey our own perspectives in a way that is easy to understand. Communication is far more than just verbal, our expressions and body language matter too. Proverbs 15:28 reminds us “The heart of the righteous ponders how to answer, but the mouth of  the wicked pours out evil things.”

As Christians, we are not to let any unwholesome or filthy language come out of our mouths. Our tongues reveal the abundance of our hearts. Thus, we should be very careful about what we say, because we don’t want to ruin our testimony by saying something ungodly. So many problems in life could be prevented if we took a moment to think before speaking. Similarly, we should converse with the goal of understanding, rather than making our own side heard. Because of our pride, our inner lawyer often wants to come out and defend or prove ourselves to whoever we are speaking to. Instead, we should be slow, humble, and approachable. We should also be tactful and determine whether it is the right time, place, and way for a discussion to take place. If a confrontation is taking place, we should always lead by giving a person the opportunity to confess. Asking questions rather than jumping to conclusions can save a lot of heartache.

We must remember that every word we speak will be accounted for on Judgment Day. In addition to this, good communication is the biggest key to a healthy and happy marriage, so we should communicate about our preferred communication with spouses and the people close to us. Finally, listeners are left with specific questions we should ask our spouses in order to grow in our communication with one another.

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