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Ep. 213 – What It Actually Means to Have Purpose in Life

Today the guys tackle the existential question that has been keeping philosophers awake for centuries: what is the purpose of life? Through discussion and scripture, they reveal how pursuing purpose outside of a biblical context can lead to a futile chase.

Show Notes

The question of our purpose is perhaps one of the most commonly addressed concerns posed to mankind, and it’s important to get the answer right. Today Ray, E.Z., Mark, and Oscar examine common themes, personal experiences, and truths found in Scripture to answer this vital question.

The guys observe that many of the answers given for the purpose of individual lives—including business, success, and happiness—are fundamentally flawed. As a result, most of humanity spend their entire lives doing anything but loving and serving God, and only learn the futility of life spent in this way when they reach the end of it. Ray remembers his own experiences before becoming a Christian. A successful businessman, he had what would appear to be a perfect life. So why did he feel that something was missing, and that—as Ecclesiastes put it—life was vanity? Only after being born again did he come to realize that his true purpose should be rooted in love.

Looking to the Westminster catechism, the guys expound on what it means that the “chief end of man” is to glorify God. This is also reflected in the family vision statement of E.Z.’s household, which is central to their family’s times of devotion and discussion. Making a conscious decision and effort to identify the purpose of their lives helps Christians to gain an eternal perspective, which will drive us to use our time wisely.

The guys also observe an interesting shift from one generation asking, “What will happen when I die?” to the next wondering “What is my purpose?” It is helpful to remember this when talking to younger people today who feel lost simply because they do not know who they are or why they exist. Knowing that all of creation exists to glorify God and bring Him pleasure helps mankind to remember why they’re here. Our value is not rooted in what we do or who we are, but in whose we are, and our joy is found in knowing our Maker and being known by Him. Understanding this will equip us to live a fulfilling and focused life regardless of circumstances. Drawing inspiration from the resilience of Paul in the Bible, the guys emphasize how a divine purpose can provide stability during life’s storms.

In conclusion, this episode provides a compelling exploration of purpose and faith, offering listeners unique insights into living a fulfilling life. It serves as a reminder that our worth isn’t tied to our achievements or abilities, but to the love of God. It’s a thought-provoking journey into faith, purpose, and everything in between.

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