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Ep. 167 – What it Really Means to Blaspheme the Holy Spirit

Few portions of Scripture are more misunderstood than the concept of “blaspheming the Holy Spirit.” What does it mean to do so? Is it possible to be guilty of this sin without knowing it? Using a scriptural foundation, the guys shed light on this confusing topic.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss the Blaspheming of the Holy Spirit, which means that you create a horrible, heinous sin. Mark 3:28-29 states, “Truly I tell you, people can be forgiven all their sins and every slander they utter, but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; they are guilty of an eternal sin.” This states that whoever sins against the Lord will never be forgiven. This view has been held throughout history, but many people still believe this, especially in the Catholic Church. They also discuss dispensationalists, which believe that God works in special, specific ways at certain times in history. Many people are worried they denied Christ and therefore, won’t be saved. However, the Bible gives us examples of people who did commit great sins like Peter, David, and Paul, but all three have been forgiven and will be in heaven.

Next, they talk about the four different types of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit that people believe. First, they talk about believing false things about the spirit. If you believe false truths about the Spirit, then that’s also blasphemy toward the Spirit. This is too general, and many Christians have false beliefs, but through sanctification they get a right understanding with God. Another view of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is decisively rejecting a clear truth that the Spirit has revealed about Jesus and His mighty works. They clarify that one cannot claim ignorance, but it is a constant, persistent, lifelong rejection of Christ until death—even going so far as to saying He has demonic origins. The guys say if you are worried that you committed blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, then you probably haven’t, because the people who have are the ones who don’t care. Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is not accidental—it is deliberate.

Lastly, the guys discuss how to naturally talk about God in our conversations and friendships. There is often a yearning to connect with other Christians and talk about God, but it cannot begin without starting individually. They suggest being proactive about surrounding yourself with other Christians; even just asking someone what they are reading right now in the Word can open up conversation. They also recommend to always have someone in your life who is discipling you, someone who you yourself are discipling, and someone to encourage you.

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