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Ep. 68 – What to Look for in a Future Spouse

The sanctity of marriage is currently in big trouble. On today’s episode, the guys use Scripture and their own marital experience to offer advice for listeners who are not yet married on what to look for in a future spouse.

Show Notes

As many people are opting not to get married at all, while others are quickly dissolving their existing marriages, the sanctity of marriage is currently in big trouble. On today’s episode, the guys offer advice for listeners who are not yet married on what to look for in a future spouse. They begin by sharing how long they have all been married to their wives: Ray for 51 years, Mark for 22, Oscar for 10 and E.Z. for nearly 26 years. What a joy it is for each of them to think about the beauty of a marriage rooted and grounded in the Lord. We are reminded that the institution of marriage was not man’s idea, but God’s. Beginning in Genesis, the first thing we look for in a future spouse is the opposite sex. It is when people redefine or reinterpret God’s word on the basis of current cultural trends that we get into great danger. Then, they share how to advise our kids on choosing a future spouse. We are reminded that beauty is vain and what is most important is that a person really loves the Lord and will push you, as their spouse, closer to Him.

We often believe that falling in love will be this enchanted kingdom experience, but we need to love others in a gospel, rather than a selfish, way. We’re reminded that expectations can either be disappointment or a saving grace entering a marriage. Beginning with what a man should look for in a wife, the guys identify first and foremost that she should love and fear God no matter what. Proverbs 31:30 reads “Charm is deceitful, beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.” In a world which has tainted every aspect of God’s original design, there is nothing better than to see a man and wife fulfilling their God given roles. We must help our daughters understand the importance of choosing a man who has a biblical understanding of leadership and masculinity. Other attributes for potential husbands is someone who is a hard worker in whatever he does. God calls for man to emulate the greatest love that this world has ever known. For the women listeners, you are told not to settle when choosing a husband. We must be satisfied in the Lord before we can ever be satisfied in our marriage. As the episode wraps up, the guys share some hard questions one should ask a potential spouse.

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