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The Living Waters Podcast

Ep. 64 – What’s Up with Transgender “Women” in Sports?

Join the guys as they dive into the issue of transgenderism by discussing different views on the topic, sharing some of their own personal experiences, and exploring what the Bible has to say about gender and dying to self.

Show Notes

Join the hosts of Living Waters as they dive into the topic of transgender women in sports. They begin the episode by talking about the different views on this topic along with sharing some of their own personal experiences with this in their ministries. With today’s culture of promoting feminism, the hosts speak about the irony of allowing men who identify as women compete in women’s competitions, which ultimately results in an unfair playing field. They share some of the most recent stories of how this is true in women’s sports today and how it has created an unfair atmosphere in sports.

They then dive in deeper to this topic and focus specifically on gender dysphoria and how this is a real struggle many people face. They define what gender dysphoria is and discuss how scripture offers a solution to those who struggle in this area. Many look to the world or sin to fulfill their longings, and the hosts point out the truth that only Jesus and his truths can truly satisfy those longings. They dive into Romans 8 and the truths it has to offer in our struggle with sin. These truths provide Christians with a way to communicate the gospel and its truths in a loving way to the LGBTQ community and help them find the fulfillment they are looking for that only Jesus can fill.

Next, they focus on the topic of learning how to die to sin rather than feed it and allow it to grow. As Christians, we need to encourage others by confronting their sin in love and compassion. Affirming lies is not going to save people from their struggles and temptations. When it comes to gender dysphoria, the hosts encourage conversations filled with love and truth to be had rather than judgment and condemnation. They also discuss real case scenarios of parents who have been confronted with this by their children and how the response needs to be one of seeking to show them truth in a loving way. They conclude the podcast by talking about the purpose of gender in showing that we are each made purposefully by God.

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