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Based on his more than forty years of open-air preaching, Ray Comfort has discovered certain principles that can help you preach the gospel effectively: how to draw a crowd, how to begin speaking, how to hold their attention, what subjects to cover. When he began preaching outside a local courthouse, he found a completely different dynamic. He didn’t have to gather an audience—it was already there.

You’ve Violated God’s Law

Ray springboards to the gospel relating to those waiting outside the courthouse to face the judge for violating man’s law to having broken the Ten Commandments which is God’s law.

California Girl

Ray springboards to the gospel telling a story about speaking with a young Korean girl. Ray expected her to speak in broken english. In spite of what Ray expected the girl spoke as a typical Californian girl saying “like” and “totally” several times.

Evil Roy Slade

Ray springboards to the gospel sharing how the movie “Evil Roy Slade” begins with a baby in a diaper holding a teddy bear kicking cactus grows up still walking around kicking cactus because the movie wanted you to know that Evil Roy Slade was tough.

Falling Boxes

Ray springboards to the gospel sharing an observation of a law of physics that every action as an equal and opposite reaction. With this law of physics in mind, Ray tells the personal story of being stuck hanging from a high shelf having lost his ladder under foot.

How Could I Have Missed?

Ray springboards to the gospel by telling about a cowboy movie starring John Wayne. In the movie Ray describes a scene where John Wayne’s character gets shot and shows how tough he is in a way that is only possible in a movie.

I Am the Center of the Universe

Ray springboards to the gospel by sharing when a young man asked Ray how he would react if the young man thought he was the center of the universe. Ray responded that he would think he was a normal human being.

Jesus Christ Superstar

Ray springboards to the gospel by sharing the story how Ray met the cast for “Jesus Christ Superstar” when they showed up in full costume to where Ray was speaking.

John Wayne's Real Name

Ray springboards to the gospel by telling the story about how a famous actor, who starred in 131 movies, came to hollywood and adopted the name John Wayne.

Mexican Eye Peckers

Ray springboards to the gospel by sharing the personal story of when Ray bought a bag of java sparrow birds. People would react to the moving bag sitting on his desk and ask Ray what was in the bag. Ray told each person who asked after showing them the birds that they were Mexican Eye Peckers.

No Strings Attached

Ray springboards to the gospel sharing a personal story about being fooled by a road side child’s prank involving a wrapped package and a long peice of string.

One of the Dumbest Statements

Ray springboards to the gospel by sharing when he told his friend when they got into his car, you have to put on your seat belt. Ray’s friend said that he was not planning on getting into an accident. Ray claimed that was one of the dumbest statements he had ever heard. No accident is ever planned.

Parking Tickets

Ray springboards to the gospel by telling about a friend who had to go to court to deal with a stack of unpaid parking tickets. The police had come to his home to arrest him and bring him before the courts.

Spitless Natives

Ray springboards to the gospel by speaking about a primitive tribe in Africa that had a unique system of justice. They would line up those that were suspects of a crime and the one who could not spit was the guilty party.

The $50 Cat

Ray springboards to the gospel by telling a story about a man looking into a store window where sat a flea bitten, rat-ridden, ugly, mangy cat by a sign that said “cat for sale, $50.” Then he saw that the cat was drinking milk from a saucer that he recognized as being from the Ming Dynasty.

The A-frame Roof

Ray springboards to the gospel by telling the true story about a man who decides to paint the A-frame roof of his house and how he accomplished this with his unique sense of ingenuity.

The Bible and All It Contains

Ray springboards to the gospel by sharing the story about a young man whose grandmother had left him an inheritance. He was told his grandmother left him 20 thousand dollars, her bible, and all it contains.

The Cat Up the Tree

Ray springboards to the gospel by sharing how in 1976 the army came in to help during a firemen strike and had received a call to retrieve a cat out of a tree for an elderly woman. The woman was very grateful but when the army was leaving they accidently ran over the cat.

The Chickens and the Curve

Ray springboards to the gospel by sharing how a city had a road that curved causing motorists going to fast to flip. This happened so often that they put up signs to slow down but no one slowed down. So they came up with an unusual idea to put up a flock of chickens by the curve of the road.

The Fly

Ray springboards to the gospel by sharing an observation of the fly and how the fly appears to clean itself after landing on your food. But if you follow the fly you will eventually discover the flies’ true appetite.

The World's Most Valuable Commodity

Ray springboards to the gospel by sharing something he had heard on the news a few years back. The news reader said that they would be talking about the world’s most valuable commodity. Ray wondered would it be gold, oil, or diamonds. The news reader said that the world’s greatest commodity is information.

The Persistent Spider

Ray springboards to the gospel by describing a situation with a persistant spider that had created a large web across the front of his home. Each morning Ray would knock down the web only for it to be back again the next morning. Ray shares how he outwits the spider.

The Wrong Apartment

Ray springboards to the gospel by sharing how Ray came back to his friends apartment where he was staying and noticed they were kind to leave on the lights for him. Ray entered the apartment, went to the bathroom and realized he had entered the wrong apartment. (includes a heckler interruption)

The Wrong Key

Ray springboards to the gospel by telling the story of a group of men playing poker in a warehouse when one of them claims they could smell smoke. It was apparent that the warehouse was on fire but they decide to finish playing the hand of poker they had going because they had a key to a door they could escape through in time.

Tomatoes & Classical Music

Ray springboards to the gospel by telling the story about when Ray saw a man on tv playing a castanet to his tomatoes. Ray was astounded to see that the man also placed earphones on the tomatoes and played classical music to them.

Unique. Just like Everyone Else

Ray springboards to the gospel by speaking about sheep and the fact they are predictable creatures. If one sheeps jumps the other tend to follow. Ray related to when he was part of the hippie movement, grew his hair long, wore penny t-shirt with faded blue jeans, brown leather sandals to show his individuality just like the other 80 million teenagers dressed the same way.

You Can't Roller-Skate in a Buffalo Herd

Ray springboards to the gospel by telling about a hit song from many years ago which included the lyrics “you can’t roller-skate in a buffalo herd” which is repeated several times in the song. Then the song says at the end “but you can be happy if you’ve a mind to.” Ray then shares his objection to the songs claim.

Judas Was in Charge of the Finances

Ray springboards to the gospel by explaining what a hypocrite is. A hypocrite is not a Christian. A hypocrite is a pretending christian and the church is not filled with hypocrites because the church is not the building but the people. (includes a heckler interruption)

Cutting the Cord

Emeal Zwayne springboards off of the story of two drunk men in a rowboat to explain how repentance is necessary for anyone to move out of darkness into light.

Grasping His Greatness

Emeal Zwayne uses the vastness of our Universe to show the limitlessness of our Creator and how the sinner’s mouth with be stopped when he faces God on Judgment Day.

He Healed Our Wounds

Emeal Zwayne uses an analogy about a wounded animal, to explain that a Christian sharing his faith with the unsaved, is simply a person who has been given mercy and grace by God, telling others how they can be too can experience this same love.

Lord, Lord

Emeal Zwayne uses two analogies, one about a pig in a tuxedo and the other about a caterpillar being thrown off the Empire State building, to illustrate the difference on being born again versus being someone whom Jesus said He never knew.

Setting the Standard

Emeal Zwayne cites the case of the B.T.K killer to demonstrate how mankind has a sense of justice, yet likes to compare ourselves to standards that makes us look better. However, on Judgment Day, we will not be compared amongst ourselves, but to God’s holy Law.

The Invincibility Complex

Emeal Zwayne talks about how most Americans, while believing in God, Heaven and Hell, fail to do much about it. He references modern day heroes and events, to show how quickly time moves and will eventually claim all of us.

The Medium

Emeal Zwayne talks about the fact that many people who do not have a belief in God, do so because they cannot see, feel or sense Him. Using an illustration about trying to explain television and radio waves to primitives, he shows it’s the medium of the Holy Spirit, through repentance, that is the missing key.

On The Brink of Eternity

Emeal Zwayne springboards off of the fact that we often joke about death to hide the fact that it’s almost too overwhelming to focus on.

Transforming Touch

Emeal Zwayne uses the true story of Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller to bring light to the fact that Christians can love God despite never seeing Him, in the same way Helen could love Anne for how she transformed her life, without ever seeing her.

True Value

Emeal Zwayne springboards off of the news story of Bill Gates and his purchase of the Leonardo da Vinci sketch book, to show that the ungodly have no sense of the value of what God has done for them.

What Will It Profit?

Emeal Zwayne uses an interesting legend about the emperor Charlemagne’s burial to show springboard into the Mark 8:36, “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul.”

Who Can Tell Me?

Emeal Zwayne recites his poem about a boy who asks his friends and peers about where he came from, after giving incredible facts on the human body and how humans are intelligent enough to realize that certain things could have never come into existence on their own, yet fail to recognize the same thing about themselves.

The Mirror of the Law

Stuart Scott speaks at the local DMV and takes the listeners through God’s law to show them their need for God’s forgiveness.

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