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Ep. 105 – Live Q&A at the Ambassadors’ Academy – Part 2

Recorded live during Ambassadors' Academy 2022, this is the conclusion to last week's podcast. Sit in during this stimulating session as the guys respond to questions and comments from event attendees. Featuring special guest Pastor Philip De Courcy.

Show Notes

Today’s episode is part two of a live recording of a Q&A held at the recent Ambassadors Academy. First, the guys answer how we can help other Christians understand that the Sinner’s prayer is not a very good idea. We are reminded that when we are born to God, he does all the work himself. We often make the mistake of bringing our modern desire for instant gratification into our discipleship. Evangelism and discipleship is a long investment game, and the Sinner’s prayer often disrupts what God really wants us to do. Pastor Philip DeCoursey adds that the prayer can be used as a tool to some extent, but when it gets in the way or hinders someone’s true expression, it becomes a problem. It is out of the heart that the mind speaks.

Next, they make their case for the position of an evangelist within the local church. Pastor DeCoursey believes that when it comes to the people in our local churches who have a special gift or calling in evangelism, it is their job to model their passion and equip others to do it, too. In the book of Acts, the Apostles went everywhere and appointed elders in every city. The ultimate goal of evangelism is to do the same, equip our churches for the work of ministry to be His ambassadors in this world. Then, they share how a new believer can increase their fear of God, especially in seasons where they don’t fear God at all. First, you should study the nature and character of God revealed in the Scripture. The Bible is the revelation of God’s nature and character that we will face on Judgement Day. The Bible tells us that it is through the fear of the Lord, men depart from evil. Our calling as Christians is to know God, and the more we know Him, the more we fear Him. The more we become familiar with the holiness of God and contemplate who he is, the more we realize our own lack of holiness and will begin to fear who He is.

We would love to hear from you. How has the podcast encouraged you? Are there any subjects you’d like the guys to cover or questions you’d like them to answer? Email us at and you may hear your feedback and questions quoted on the next episode!

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