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Ep. 104 – Live Q&A at the Ambassadors’ Academy – Part 1

During a special evangelism training conference held by Living Waters in Southern California, Ray, E.Z., Mark, Oscar, and special guest Pastor Philip De Courcy sat down to answer questions from event attendees. For the first time ever, this session is now made available to you as well! Recorded live at Kindred Community Church at the Ambassadors' Academy 2022. Here is Part 1.

Show Notes

Today’s episode is part one of a live recording of a Q&A held at the recent Ambassadors Academy. Before getting into the Q&A, they share a little bit about the annual Ambassadors Academy. While keeping the handpicked group of participants small, AA is essentially a crash course for evangelism. Many participants enter on the first day never having spoken publicly about their faith before and leave with the confidence to do so. Many have even started their own groups within their church that ultimately nourish their community at large. Joining the guys for this Q&A is their senior pastor of Kindred Community Church Philip DeCourcy.

To begin the Q&A, Ray is asked about his first open air springboard. Then, they are asked to share advice on the best resources for someone struggling with assurance on their salvation. They recommend Saved Without a Doubt by John MacArthur and always turning towards the sufficiency and truth of the Word of God. In moments of uncertainty, there is nothing better (besides God’s Word) than having pastors and people of faith alongside us to affirm and hold us accountable. Scripture makes it clear that God has given us eternal life based on the fact that we have placed our own worth in Him. We are reminded that despite what we may feel, we can continue to show our faith by our works by continuing, in obedience, all that Scripture calls us to.

Next, the guys are asked about open air preaching in places where public speaking is deemed illegal. First, we are urged to explore areas in which public speaking is allowed. However, when it comes to the proclamation of the gospel, the only time we have a right to rebel against authority is if we are commanded to do something God forbids or are forbidden to do something God commands. Thus, we should generally always obey the orders of God over the orders of man. Then, they offer encouragement about handing out biblical tracts in person. Before wrapping up, they identify the key thing they want participants of AA to leave with: a sense of joy over evangelism.

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