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Ep. 93 – How to Break Free from Selfishness

We live in a culture which celebrates selfishness to the extreme and views it as the route to pleasure and happiness in life, but what does God say? Today the guys discuss how believers must die to self as we become sanctified through Christ.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss selfishness. We live in a culture which celebrates selfishness to the extreme and views it as the route to pleasure and happiness in life. Selfishness is one of the things which is constantly dying small deaths during our sanctification process which God continues to reveal to us. It can manifest itself in many ways and show up at random moments. It is also, however, an act of grace that God reveals those selfish tendencies to us so that we may repent and put our sins to death. We, as humans, all have the tendency to view ourselves as idols.

Walter Chantry defines selfishness as the controlling force of sinful living. It is the manifestation of the depravity of man’s heart and is the root of all sin. The roots of this depravity is especially prevalent in young children. Outside of Christ, the self is the idol to which all men fall. On the other hand, the cure to selfishness is love. Love does not seek its own, it demonstrates self-forgetfulness and desires to give ourselves away for the sake of others. The only way to truly become selfless is through the Word. God gave up his own life to pay for every selfish ambition that we will ever have, for the dark corners of our hearts which have yet to be revealed and as a ransom that we will have freedom from our sins. Servanthood is the ultimate epitome of selflessness.

Then, the guys offer advice for parents on things they can do to prevent their children from becoming selfish monsters. It is important to realize that any time you catch your child in sin, it is an opportunity for the gospel to come forward and for discipleship to happen. Our children should know from observation of confession and repentance that their parents are sinners, too. In closing, we are reminded that selfishness is a demonic thing which results in evil and confusion. In order to avoid it, we should turn towards Christ as our example.

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