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Ep. 92 – Repentance—What Does it Really Mean?

Repentance is commonly misunderstood, but most theologians agree that it fits in the very center of the conversion process. So what is repentance, and why is it so significant?

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss repentance. Of anything, this is the topic Ray has had people give him the hardest time about. You can get someone to believe in Jesus, but if they have not repented, they are not yet truly saved. We are reminded that David would not have repented if he hadn’t trembled under the words of Nathan. Repentance will never come if we aren’t living under the law of the Ten Commandments.

There is a fundamental misunderstanding on this subject in terms of where we’ve come from as a ministry. Repentance means a change of mind, and with a true change of mind comes a change of action. This is one of the most positive words in the Christian vocabulary. It refers to the turning away from a destructive path and moving instead into God’s plan. Repentance should be even louder than the sin was. Luke 13:3 warns “Unless you repent, you will likewise perish.” When confession comes from a repented soul, there will be no holding back what comes out of the innermost being of the individual.

Repentance is commonly misunderstood, but most theologians agree that it fits in the very center of the conversion process. An aspect of repentance also means turning from your sins and towards your home in God. It is not about avoiding damnation, but about wanting to know the God who loves us and has died for us. God is not asking us to clean our lives up, but rather to lay our lives down for Him. Though it deals with justification, repentance doesn’t mean that we will never struggle again with sin. The life of a Christian is one of daily repentance as God gradually reveals to us the flaws we have as man. God has appointed a day on which he will judge all the world for righteousness. This alone should call us all to fierce repentance. As the episode wraps up, the guys reiterate that, despite its negative connotation,  repentance is actually a very beautiful and hopeful thing. A Christian who repents will be filled with so much joy that they will go out into the world and tell others about it. In closing, we are all urged today to repent today.

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