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Ep. 95 – Can Christians Smoke Weed and Drink?

Great debates have arisen in the church as to whether Christians should drink alcohol or use marijuana. So what does the Bible say? Today the guys discuss this highly divisive topic, and you may be surprised by what you hear!

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss the substances of marijuana and alcohol. Beginning with alcohol, the guys stress that the idea is not to allow yourself to be mastered by these substances. If you are going to drink, you must do it in faith, because anything done not in faith is a sin. We are free to abstain from alcohol, but we are not free to condemn those who choose to drink in moderation. In scripture, wine is considered a gift from God. However, as we know, people have the incredibly sinful capacity to distort God’s gifts and make them into something atrocious. In the scriptures, alcohol is an important theological symbol. It is not by accident that the first miracle of Jesus was turning water into wine. We have to keep in mind that in our culture today, alcohol is not used as a symbolic celebration of what God is doing, but instead as a numbing mechanism. The very thing the Bible condemns, drunkenness, is the reason why people drink today.

Then, they apply everything just discussed about alcohol to the issue of marijuana. As the substance is being legalized, this is a huge question in the minds of many, especially younger people. Compared to wine being used in Scripture as an act of celebration, marijuana is a mind-altering drug used to get high. With this in mind, it’s difficult to see how a Christian could smoke weed with a good conscience. Recreational marijuana use can be compared to drunkenness in the Bible, which is a sin. We are reminded that when you are in God’s will, you will not want to partake in sinful activities. If you are questioning whether partaking in substances is okay for you to do as a Christian, this is demonstrating where you are in your relationship with God. We can’t forget that our bodies are temples to the Holy Spirit, and marijuana is very bad for our bodies and impairs our intelligence.

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