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Ep. 96 – What is the Sin Nature All About?

Humans are born into sin, and when we're saved we enter into a constant battle against the flesh. So what is this sin nature? How can we stand against it? Listen as the guys engage in this topic and bring biblical wisdom to this lifelong struggle.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss the destructive element of sin nature. They start off by saying there are two parts to a sinful nature- the historical depravity and how sin is played out in the life of a Christian. They first discuss that the original sin does not refer to Adam’s first sin, but comes from the guilt and tendency to sin with which we are born. However, we were not created to be sinners. Adam rebelled in the Garden of Eden and then brought on the nature of sin. Sin is in total depravity, which means that sin’s power affects the whole person. There is no part of man that can escape sin. If you could imagine a world without God’s hand on it or even if civil law was removed, we would see the complete evil that human beings would do. Man is a predator by nature and is naturally evil. Some people think that man is naturally good because they surround themselves in circles that do good or they don’t see how people truly are in private, but all men have an evil or sinful nature. Culture tells us that the reason why people sin is because of the structures and authority that people grew up in, but man created those structures and authority.

Then, they talk through the manifestation of the sinful nature and how you can even see it in children. We don’t teach our children to sin, but even from the womb they are born with a sinful nature. They discuss how the modern parent puts so much pressure on themselves thinking that they aren’t doing something right or they messed something up, so they coddle their children. But in reality, children are born sinners and it is our job to teach and disciple them. It is not our job to raise Christian men and women, it is our job to model what a Christian is to our kids and then let God do His job.

The guys continue on by discussing what happens to sin nature when you are born again. They say it is a constant battle of the flesh against the spirit that continually wages. As Christians, we should be the first to confess when we are wrong to be good examples and to show that we are not a slave to sin. Guilt of our sins leads to confession and repentance. We need to lead the charge when we do wrong. However, there is victory as a Christian through the good news of the gospel. Jesus Christ bore our sins on the cross so that we would die to sin and become alive in Him.

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