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Ep. 133 – Can Women Be Pastors?

The world wants to blur the lines between genders, but when it comes to God’s design for the church the Bible does not miss a single word or point. Listen as the guys discuss the often-confusing subject of women pastors, and the specific roles of women and men in the church and home.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss why women may not be pastors. It is not that women don’t have the ability to be pastors, but that God has given the role of a pastor to men. The reality is that women are equally capable of understanding the Word of God and communicating it. In this episode, they don’t aim to diminish the value of women or their spiritual gifts. God commands women to teach other things, including how to serve their husbands and love their children. Today, we have seen a surge in women pastors as the church has become desensitized towards many things.

Rather than devaluing women and their contributions, it is important to recognize that Jesus elevated women in ways that had never been seen before. He was “pro women” to the max, but he simply didn’t choose them to be apostles. Women ought to be built up in their theological understanding of God’s Word and truth and should be equipped and guided in their spiritual gifts. However, the Scriptures make it clear that men have the role of a pastor. When it comes to God’s design for the church, the Bible does not miss a single word or point.

This is a topic which has caused the rest of the world to look confusedly at the church. There are some things in the Bible which are difficult to grasp, but we must be careful that the things which are plain and simple are widely accepted. The world’s culture really wants to blur the lines between men and women, but the Scriptures embrace the beauty and reality that men and women have specific roles in the church and the home. This should not be seen as a restriction, but rather an invitation to reflect the glory of God. There is beauty in God’s intent to make even the details of the organization of the church speak to His glory and the roles of the Trinity. Similarly, the public can tell when the church is not conceding to God’s commandments. In closing, they reiterate that God restricts women from serving in certain leadership roles and instead calls them to serve in equally important and complementary roles. We should rejoice over the fact that God has called different people to serve different functions.

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