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Ep. 134 – Do Christians Really Have to Tithe?

One of the simplest—and perhaps most disputed—ways to serve God and the church is by the giving of tithes. Tithes and offerings are commanded in both the Old and New Testament, but are they still a requirement for Christians today?

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss tithing. Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that Christian churches are money-hungry and selfish, but is it really true? We are commanded to tithe in Scripture, but for what purpose, and is it still required today? The guys share a story about a pastor who decided to stop passing around an offering plate because he saw that the majority of the congregation were giving either out of guilt or spontaneity. Then, they dive into the scriptural instructions for giving as Christians. This is a topic which is quite controversial within the church.

The first time we see tithing referenced in the Bible is in Genesis 14, when Moses tithes to Melchizedek. The American way of looking at money is very capitalistic and industrial. However, a Biblical way of viewing finances is that all the things we own belong to the Lord, and we are simply stewards of those things. The Lord gives us stewardship over His things, and we should rejoice in gratitude that He allows us to enjoy a portion of it. In the Old Testament, tithe was given to the priests for the upkeep of the chapel so that there were goods for offering, as well as charitable tithes every third year.

Many scholars would argue that tithing is no longer a requirement because it is a Mosaic Law. However, the New Testament calls us to give generously out of stewardship to the preaching of God’s word, the building up of God’s Kingdom, and to those in need. Our response for the love which God has shown us is to give back to Him without hesitation all that we have. God judges what we give by what we keep for ourselves. Giving is the best way to fully demonstrate our love for others, and God Himself loves the cheerful giver. The key is that our giving should reorient our hearts to the great Giver in Heaven. As the episode wraps up, they reiterate that there is not one set amount which believers are required to give. We are also reminded that the Biblical doctrine of generosity is completely antithetical to the customs of modern times. For anyone feeling shame around the fact that they have not been generous enough, you are urged to look towards God and understand that it was He who never held back a thing.

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