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Ep. 27 – Worried About Being Anxious?

How do we grow in a relationship with God if we are struggling with anxiety? As believers, we can be assured that things are not falling apart, but rather falling into place. It is true that we are living in a world full of difficulties and trials, but by maintaining our composure and trust in the Lord, we will not just survive but thrive. If God is not worried, we shouldn’t be either.

Show Notes

On today’s episode, the guys tackle a topic which was suggested by a listener: anxiety and how to grow in our relationship with God. They begin by discussing the realm of trials as believers, or the moments when we feel our life is falling apart because of anxiety, stress, financial problems, health issues, etc. We are living in a world full of difficulties and trials, but still can grow with the Lord regardless. Maintaining our composure is not just about surviving but thriving.

We start off hearing the verse Romans 8:28. As a believer, we know that things are not falling apart, but rather falling into place. If God is not worried, we should not worry either. Ray shares his own experience of having panic attacks and how he healed himself by trusting in God. It’s important to recognize where our anxiety comes from and why it happens when it does. To rest our anxiety, we need to rest in God. Sometimes, we are so fearing the future and regretting the past, that we are paralyzed by the present. We should remember that all we have is the present, which we can always handle. If we focus on sin and failure, we are not proactively walking with the Lord. Grief and lament are important to experience at the outset of a traumatic situation, and God has given us this as means of release. However, pressing on and learning to look to the Lord in those moments allows him to work within our spirit. Godly lament never leads to sin.

Wrapping up today’s episode, the guys answer questions sent in by listeners. Don’t miss their advice on being single, God’s intent when creating us, the spiritual realm as it relates to negative emotion, when to share the gospel, what to look for when joining a church and more!

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