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Ep. 26 – Godly Marriage

Marriage is in bigger trouble than ever before. As society continues to abandon godly standards and embrace sinful practices as normal, divorce rates climb higher and higher. To have a thriving, godly marriage, we need to hear what God has to say about it, whether we've been married for 50 years or we're single.

Show Notes

On today’s episode, the guys tackle the topic of Godly marriages. To begin, each of them share how long they have been married. As we see it, marriage is in bigger trouble in America than ever before. As Christian men, we are commanded to love our wives the way Christ loved the church, unconditionally and sacrificially. The best thing we can do for our spouse is to submit to the Lord ourselves. Marriages shouldn’t be likened to a competitive rate, but a relay race in which you work together. Realizing that our spouse is not responsible for our sins is critical. Theology of love is the recognition that when you meet someone, you fall in love with who God has created them to be. The greatest commandment is to focus your life on loving God and loving others. Marriages walk by faith, rather than by sight. It’s a good thing to continually ask good questions and really listen to each other. Having intentional time to spend together is what will keep your marriage alive.

When you make a covenant with God on your wedding day, God transcendently meets you there and makes a commitment with you to your marriage. For couples experiencing drought in their relationship, you are encouraged to look towards the cross. Being involved with the church and admitting our sins honestly will help to edify a marriage. Your friends should agree that marriage comes first, and should feel comfortable challenging your wrongdoings regarding your spouse. God has given us different roles for order, husbands are required to lead and wives are called to submit to their husbands and we submit to the Lord before all else. Similarly, husband and wife are equal in value, worth and capability. In closing, we are urged to humble ourselves in the presence of our spouse.

We would love to hear from you. How has the podcast encouraged you? Are there any subjects you’d like the guys to cover or questions you’d like them to answer? Email us at and you may hear your feedback and questions quoted on the next episode!

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