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Ep. 77 – Hamming It Up with Ken Ham

“Does it really matter if a Christian believes in evolution?” Ken Ham talks with us about Creation, evolution, and why it matters what we believe about the formation of the world and the Word of God.

Show Notes

Today, the guys share a special interview recorded at the recent NRB Conference!  The episode features not only theological and practical discussion, but a healthy dose of ribbing between an Australian and out resident New Zealander.  Who is the Australian, you ask?  He is none other than Ken Ham, CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis and a key figure in the development of the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum!  Oscar and his producer friend Eddie Roman caught up with Ken at the conference, and first asked him what the problem is in being a Christian and believing in evolution.  The problem, Ken explains, boils down to the need to take God at His Word and uphold the authority of the Bible.  If we work man’s view into our worldview and rework God’s Word to fit it in the area of creation and evolution, what is to keep us from doing the same elsewhere?  Even now, we’re seeing the generational impact of compromising worldview formulation, and the undercutting of Genesis 1-11 – the foundation of everything else to come – is leaving people open to question the rest of the Bible, too.

Moving forward, Ken, Oscar, and Eddie consider whether or not Christians are anti-science.  This question, Ken argues, requires careful definitions of terms.  There is a distinction between observational and historical science, and both Christians and non-Christians generally agree on the observational side of things.  Along the historical vein, there is frequent disagreement, but both the Christian perspective and the non-Christian “scientific” view require forms of faith.  Evolutionists, after all, believe in things that they cannot see or scientifically prove.  Ken roots the willingness to accept the wild notions of naturalism rather than affirming that God spoke and created in human nature and sin before wrapping up the interview with a connection to CRT, updates on the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum, and an introduction to his new book, Divided Nation.

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