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Ep. 78 – She Told Us How She Escaped an Assassin’s Bullet

As a young attorney living under a communist regime, Virginia Prodan came to faith and defended fellow Christians against persecution in Romania. Then they sent an assasin to silence her. Listen as she tells her story of kidnapping, torture, and God's faithfulness through it all.

Show Notes

Today’s episode features another special conversation recorded at the recent NRB Conference!  This time, Eddie is joined by Living Waters VP of Outreach and Operations, Miguel, to conduct the interview.  This interview is actually more of a testimony, and the guys are excited to introduce listeners to the encouraging and challenging story of guest Virginia Prodan!  Virginia is the author of Saving My Assassin, a memoir recounting her experience as a lawyer defending persecuted Christians in Communist Romania under the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceaușescu.

Virginia trained to be a lawyer, with the stated aim of finding truth in the law books so that she could stand up for it in the midst of her troubled society.  Rather than finding truth in law, an unexpected visit to a client’s church led Victoria to see that the truth was, in fact, Jesus Christ.  She was converted, and saw that it was a God-given mission for her to defend the persecuted Christians no one else would defend.  As she fought on behalf of believers, she was declared an enemy of the state, arrested, beaten, and tortured.  Eventually, she even became the target of an assassination order.  Virginia’s God-enabled display of peace and love under profound pressure had a marked impact on those around her – from guards shaken by her forgiveness to her assassin who, with gun in hand, believed the gospel message she shared with him.  Virginia’s efforts had the attention not only of her nation’s dictator, but of the watching world, and even such prominent figures as President Ronald Reagan.  As she watched, she saw God at work bending the most powerful men in the world to do His bidding, protecting her, and ultimately reshaping her nation from a place of deep darkness to a place where Christians thrive.

Virginia hopes that her story will urge other believers to speak up and act on behalf of truth, letting themselves be used as tools in God’s hands.  In this way, they will see His power on display, and may even find themselves used to reshape the trajectory of their entire nation!

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