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Ep. 29 – Homosexuality and the Bible

Today, both the world and even many "churches" tell us that God delights in homosexuality. But if we want to get clarity on this matter, we must look back to the one and only firm foundation of spiritual truth: the Bible. In this episode, the guys—plus special guest Dr. Owen Strachan—look to the Word of God to see what it says about the controversial issue of homosexuality.

Show Notes

(With Special Guest Dr. Owen Strachan)

On today’s episode featuring guest Dr. Owen Strachan, the guys tackle a subject which is a major issue confronting the church today: homexuality. Many of us have become desensitized in terms of the severity of this problem and have adopted the mentality of the world towards it. Owen is coauthor of the book What Does the Bible Teach About Homosexuality?, and is here to discuss his perspective on the matter. Homosexuality is not just a sin that people commit, but has become a highly honored identity in our society. This identity, however, leads to destruction and everlasting judgment. They denounce the idea that the attraction is not the problem, but rather the action on it. The desire for somebody of your same sex is profoundly anti-God, anti-creation and anti-Divine Design.

God gave us our sexual identity as part of our human nature, but it is not the biggest factor in our identity, as society often makes it out to be. There is no shame in divine design. Owen explains that when you take image of the human person, and replace God with sexual preference, you have effectively tried to remake the human person. The agenda of Christians should be to prepare others for their meeting with God. As Christians, we are urged not to attack someone’s homosexuality right away, but rather address a different sin which they are more willing to discuss. A Christian who truly wants to walk with God takes His whole inventory without pointing fingers. It’s important for us to realize where non-Christians come from.

Listen as the guys stress the importance of instilling the Scripture in our own children before they go off into the world on their own. Owen shares how people who experience same sex attraction can cease their sin and align themselves with the Word of God. Crucify your ungodly desires and pray for godly desires to take their place. Finally, he retells a successful conversation he had with a pro-homosexual pastor and highlights the fact that our proclamation of the truth to people who hate what we share is the ultimate act of love.

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