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Ep. 30 – Transgenderism and the Bible

Does the Bible have anything to say about transgenderism? You'd be surprised. As this topic grows in popularity, we desperately need to hear what the Lord thinks of those who desire to change the gender He gave them, as well as how we can engage them with the truth of God's Word.

Show Notes

Returning guest, Dr. Owen Strachan, joins us for today’s conversation in answering the question, what is the problem with transgenderism? What is at stake here? After chatting about beards, they jump into their conversation with guest Dr. Strachan, the Provost and Research Professor of Theology at Grace Bible Theological Seminary in Arkansas, along with being a Senior-fellow with Family Research Council (FRC). Dr. Strachan has written a number of books, with one being particularly applicable to today’s conversation—What Does the Bible Teach about Transgenderism?

How big of an issue is this facing the church today? Learn about the broader issue of destabilizing the divine design God established in Genesis and where the sinful heart of man ends up. Is there a culpability in silence on this issue? What is the responsibility of pastors and shepherds in considering and addressing this issue? They address all these issues and more.

Taking a step back, Ray asks Dr. Strachan to explore how we got to where we are. They chat about Truman’s The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self. While rejecting the doctrine of creation and embracing ungodly beliefs, the normalization of different things like homosexuality and transgenderism has become reality. Listen to their explanation of what the theological problem is with transgenderism. God is above and beyond man, but man is constantly seeking to be on the level of God. Learn about God’s glory in our manhood and womanhood, and the created-creature distinction—the stakes are high, this is not a trivial issue.

Ray asks Dr. Strachan to get practical with how this looks in real-life issues. What do you say to the parents dealing with this? How do you walk through children grappling with these issues? They address the shame and self-discrimination that can surround these issues. Learn about the wild, rebellious heart that is always an offense to God. Rejecting the will and design of God brings an appropriate level of grief. Pray and work to live in grace and truth. Learn about what it means to truly love your neighbor.

Mantra is a powerful tool to shift one’s outlook. Listen as they discuss the impacts and effects of mantra as conveyed through repetition of practice. Unfiltered entertainment is impacting the next generation and the repetition of what is being seen is determining what the people believe is normal and right. They touch on the underlying worldview in movies like Frozen. Learn to teach discernment to your children for both movies and music. Who is catechizing your children?

As the conversation draws to a close, Ray asks, “Where does society go if we continue in this trajectory?” Dr. Strachan states it is a bleak future without the hope of the gospel. Christians and pagans are living together, we must be salt and light in preaching the gospel. Christian families need to be living witnesses in exerting influence on today’s society. The church has been here before—look at the early church, what they were facing, and how they exploded in the face of a morally antithetical society. We can rejoice in the promise that the gates of hell will never prevail!

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