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The Living Waters Podcast

Ep. 225 – How Christians Can Cultivate Courage and Boldness in a Cowardly Age

From John MacArthur's influence to the courage needed in the modern church, the guys are joined by Phil Johnson to uncover the complexities of faith and evangelism and how to boldly serve Christ in an increasingly hostile culture.

Show Notes

Get ready for a riveting exploration of a Christian’s soldier-like journey, delicately balancing faith, food, and modern challenges. The guys are joined by Phil Johnson, the director of Grace to You and elder at Grace Community Church, to observe the portrayal of Christians as soldiers in scripture and discuss spiritual warfare against Satan and his false ideologies. It’s a war, not against people, but against satanic strongholds, with the aim to liberate people from these lies.

To begin the discussion, Phil shares the profound influence of John MacArthur on his own faith journey and the courage required in the modern church. With anecdotes and personal observations, the guys remind listeners that standing firm in biblical truth often leads to unexpected places.

In an era where evangelism is often diluted to be more palatable, Phil emphasizes the importance of defending the truth and sharing the gospel. The role of courage and boldness in evangelism is highlighted, as is the importance of tearing down ideological strongholds to liberate people from lies. Mark Spence shares how Phil has challenged and helped him and Living Waters to grow, and Phil also expresses appreciation for the efforts of Ray Comfort and Living Waters’ bold approach to sharing the gospel.

The cyclical nature of church history is examined, underscoring the importance of remaining faithful to God’s will, even if it means being part of the faithful remnant rather than the easygoing majority. The significance of gathering as God’s people during the pandemic is discussed, as well as the importance of face-to-face fellowship in the church.

Lastly, the conversation steers towards the impact of John MacArthur’s teachings on small church communities and the role of grandparents in supporting their children in today’s challenging times. A sneak peek is provided into MacArthur’s upcoming book, The War on Children, addressing the challenges of raising children in a culture that targets and confuses them. Book recommendations are also shared, including Holiness by J.C. Ryle as well as sermons of Charles Spurgeon, providing listeners with ample food for thought.

In essence, this podcast episode offers a comprehensive exploration of the Christian’s journey, skillfully intertwining elements of faith, food, and modern challenges. It provides an enlightening perspective that balances the heaviness of faith with the lightness of human connection, ensuring an engaging and thought-provoking listen.

This episode was recorded at G3 2023 National Conference.

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