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Ep. 226 – Uprooting “Christless Conservatism”

Join the guys as they dissect the tough conversation of idolatry in politics, biblical illiteracy among younger generations, and the compromise that can manifest when conservatism cloaks itself in godliness.

Show Notes

Today the guys dive into the intricate interplay between faith, politics, and controversial issues. Special guest John Root, a bold Christian voice in the world of media, brings his unique perspective to the table during the G3 Conference, discussing the challenges of maintaining faith in the tumultuous landscape of modern politics.

One of the significant issues grappled with in today’s discussion is the concept of idolatry and its undeniable connection to the political landscape today. This is a delicate balance for many Christians, as individuals may prioritize certain policies over their Christian beliefs, leading to an idolatry issue.

The alarming trend of biblical illiteracy among the younger generations is another concern. Lack of biblical knowledge can lead to confusion about what is good and evil, causing young people to align with a “lesser evil” for the sake of perceived eternal good. As Christians, it is essential to stand firm in our faith, prioritize God’s Word above all else, and reach the lost with the gospel.

The guys’ conversation with John prompts listeners to stand for the truth, even when it’s against those on “our own side”—a lesson gleaned from Daniel in the Old Testament. Through Daniel’s story, Christians can observe that the decision of how to fight is not decided in the battle itself but is determined by the preparation beforehand. John also shares his own experiences surrounding the controversy stirred up by the Christian series, The Chosen‘s handling of LGBTQ+ issues and interactions with conservative media figures.

The guys also tackle the compromise and misdirection that can occur when conservatism is packaged in a godly wrapping. Many individuals are so politicized that they feel conservatism will save this country, but this is a view which is eternally empty. While it is widely understood that liberalism is godless, we must also realize that conservatism can create an illusion of righteousness, which is often false as well.

Christians must remember that this world is not our home, and we should not assimilate to the world’s values. Instead, believers should always strive to show love and respect for others, while at the same time standing firm in our faith and refusing to compromise on biblical truth. The key takeaway from this discussion is the importance of having a biblical worldview and the courage to challenge idolatry where it is found while maintaining a loving and respectful approach to all.

This episode was recorded at G3 2023 National Conference.

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