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Ep. 172 – How Living Waters Made History at King Charles’ Coronation

During the crowning of an earthly king, the Living Waters team and hundreds of believers proclaimed the King of Kings to crowds in London, England and around the world. Listen as the guys discuss what went into this global outreach and what's next.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, the guys discuss Coronation Outreach: Operation London. Initially, they thought they might pass 3 million out tracts with 2,000 workers. However, things exploded so much that they ended up handing out 16 million tracts with the help of 21,000 workers from across the globe! The team didn’t even have to approach their regular donors to cover the costs of printing 16 million tracts, 500,000 hardcover books, and hosting a conference for around 400 people in London. There were people handing out gospel tracts on nearly every single street in London on Coronation Day, and Ray compared his experience to the stories we hear from the early church. A local Romanian church kindly opened their doors to offer a place for people to stay for free. So many people from every age group came together to share the gospel, preach for the first time, and connect with others. They also share about their loving interactions with non-believers. In addition to the tracts being handed out, there was an immense number of prayers being poured over the trip.

Then, the guys touch on how the church of England has lost the sense of the gospel. When we think about Wesley and Whitfield who came from the Church of England, we can only hope and pray that God brings a revival. The guys predict that many people will keep the tracts they received at the event as a keepsake for such a huge moment in history. The goal of this episode is to stir the souls of listeners and offer a glimpse of what God can do when we decide to be an instrument in His hand.

So, what’s next for the Living Waters team? 2024 will bring us the Olympics in Paris and a whole new opportunity to share the gospel with the world. While the coronation of King Charles was huge, it wasn’t followed by the whole world in the way the Olympics are. Anyone interested in being part of the event should subscribe to the Living Waters newsletter and check the website in the coming months.

We would love to hear from you. How has the podcast encouraged you? Are there any subjects you’d like the guys to cover or questions you’d like them to answer? Email us at and you may hear your feedback and questions quoted on the next episode!

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